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Deepam hospitals, serving the people for the past 15years has many firsts to its credit. One such is the regenerative treatment Hospital.

Deepam Hospital, Vazhapady was started on 31st, August 2003 with 12 bedded surgical and gynaecological centre. It was expanded into a 30 bedded Multi Speciality Hospital in 2007. The Hospital was expanded, further into an 85 bedded Super Speciality Hospital in 2011, with world class Infertility Centre as its Hallmark.

Professional Doctors

Deepam Doctors helps you make medical decisions with confidence.

Exclusive Blood Bank

Deepam hospital has exclusive blood bank with all the facilities and works round the clock

Pharmacy Support

At Deepam Hospitals, we support our patients with a fully equipped pharmacy

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Emergency Care

Deepam Hospital’s emergency medicine and trauma care facilities are one of the most advanced in India. They contain specialty care sections for accident & trauma, cardiac emergencies, and paediatrics emergencies.

Blood Test

We take blood samples from the patients and analyse it for diagnosis and as per the advice of our doctors we put the sample for various tests. Undergoing proper blood tests can help you to take up medical treatments that could add decades of healthy life.


We have a well-equipped, unique infrastructure, major operation theatre with integrative facilities where the allopathic techniques of surgical management are used for the best outcome. We are conducting open as well as laparoscopic surgeries with minimal incisions.

Pharmacy Support

At Deepam Hospitals, we support our patients with a fully equipped pharmacy. From a simple tablet to life saving drugs, we have it all. The pharmacy operates 24 X 7 helping patients with their requirements.

24/7 Special Service

An emergency may arise at any time, that to a medical emergency can occur any time. To handle such criticalities we have our ever ready 24 X 7 special service waiting to help you. Deepam has many firsts to its credit. This service is one such.

CT Scan

A computerised tomography also known as CT scan uses X-rays and a computer to create detailed images of the organs inside the body.CT scans are sometimes referred to as CAT scans or computed tomography scans.

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